Manage UltraDNS using automation

Overview If you’ve ever tried automating some of your tasks with UltraDNS, you probably know it’s quite hard at the beginning. There are a few GitHub repositories with clients written in a few languages which can help you in achieving your tasks. All projects can be found here. If you don’t want or cannot use those clients, there’s UltraDNS Rest API endpoint which you can use. There’s big document describing how to use this endpoint available here.

Running Node app using Azure Web Apps

Overview I was recently given a task to deploy Node application using Azure Web App within Azure App Service Plan. It seems that most documentation for this scenario is assuming you will use GitHub repository as a source for your deployment pipeline. For me that wasn’t a case, so now I wanted to share how this task can be achieved and tested from scratch. In this article, I’m assuming you’re using both Windows for your local development and Windows App Service Plan.